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Azian Pride
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If you play videogames, and you have TimeSplitters 2, you can view some of my videos at ( You can also view my high scores at (
By the way... my neck hurts. So does my back.

"Brace yoself, nigga!"
"We slang n we buck n bang on da glock!"
"Eat shiznit, fooka!"
"Lenny is da king of da class, ne1 who defies will be kicked in da @$$!"
"Hold yo mowth fo da war!"
"I cna ytpe 300 wrods pre mniuet!"


H3y f3110w pris0n4s', my n4m3 is 13nny, 4nd I h4v3 cr3473d 7his s337 70 sh0w 7h3 w0r1d 7h47 I c4n m4k3 w3bs337s. *s4rc4sm*. 4n-3-w4ys, in 4zi4n Prid3, y0u c4n find 4 10774 s7uff. Jus7 ch3X 0u7 7h3 s3c7i0ns f0r y0urs31f.
4b0u7 m3... I'm 4 13 y34r 01d Fi10 wh0 1iv3s in 7h3 70wn 0f S7. C14ir. I 1ik3 1is73ning 70 r4p 4nd r&b music, p14ying b4sk37b411, p14ying vid30g4m3s, 4nd w47ching m0vi3s. I 41s0 1ik3 70 w47ch c4r700ns 4nd 4nim3. S7uff such 4s P0k3m0n (w311 n07 7h47 much 4nym0r3), Dr4g0n B411 Z, C4rdc4p70rs, 4ik4, C0wb0y B3p0p 4nd Sprigg4n (d4 Shizni7!). S0m3 0f my f4v3 k3y 4r7is7s 4r3 B0n3 7hugs N H4rm0ny, Ginuwin3, 4sh4n7i, 4nd F4b010us.
I p14y 4 107 0f vid30g4m3s. M4in1y Nin73nd0. S0m3 0f m3 g4v3 g4m3s 4r3 P0rf3c7 D4rk, G01d3n3y3 007, 4g3n7 Und0r Fir3, C0un70r-S7rik3, 73kk3n S0ri3s, 4nd 4ny D0nk3y K0ng g4m3. Y3s... m3 is 4c7i0n30rz.
4nyw4ys, if 7his w3bs337 s337 is 4 c0mp1373 w4s73 0f y0ur 7im3, 0r y0ur c0mpu70r b10ws up b3c4us3 0f 7his s337, d0n'7 c0m3 4nd p14y 4 pr4nk 0n m3 0r 4ny7hing b3c4us3 if y0u d0, I wi11 c0m3 4f70r y0u 4nd wh3n w3 m337, 7h0r3 wi11 b3 n0 ru13s.
3nj0y 4zi4n Prid3, y0!~
Hey fellow prisonas', my name is Lenny, and I have created this site to show the world that I can make websites. *sarcasm*. An-e-ways, in Azian Pride, you can find a lotta stuff. Just check out the sections for yourself.
About me... I'm a 13 year old Filo who lives in the town of St. Clair. I like listening to rap and r&b music, playing basketball, playing videogames, and watching movies. I also like to watch cartoons and anime. Stuff such as Pokemon (well not that much anymore), Dragon Ball Z, Cardcaptors, Aika, Cowboy Bepop and Spriggan (da Shiznit!). Some of my fave key artists are Bone Thugs N Harmony, Ginuwine, Ashanti, and Fabolous.
I play a lot of videogames. Mainly Nintendo. Some of me gave games are Perfect Dark, Goldeneye 007, Agent Under Fire, Counter-Strike, Tekken Series, and any Donkey Kong game. Yes... me is actioneerz.
Anyways, if this website site is a complete waste of your time, or your computer blows up because of this site, don't come and play a prank on me or anything because if you do, I will come after you and when we meet, there will be no rules.
Enjoy Azian Pride, yo!~

                               ur d$$$$$$$$$$$$$$Nu "*Nu                     
                             d$$$ "$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$e."$c                   
                         u$$c   ""   ^"^**$$$$$$$$$$$$$b.^R:                 
                       z$$#"""           `!?$$$$$$$$$$$$$N.^                 
                     .$P                   ~!R$$$$$$$$$$$$$b                 
                    x$F                 **$b. '"R).$$$$$$$$$$                
                   J^"                           #$$$$$$$$$$$$.              
                  z$e                      ..      "**$$$$$$$$$              
                 :$P           .        .$$$$$b.    ..  "  #$$$$             
                 $$            L          ^*$$$$b   "      4$$$$L            
                4$$            ^u    .e$$$$e."*$$$N.       @$$$$$            
                $$E            d$$$$$$$$$$$$$$L "$$$$$  mu $$$$$$F           
                $$&            $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$N   "#* * ?$$$$$$$N           
                $$F            '$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$bec...z$ $$$$$$$$           
               '$$F             `$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ '$$$$E"$           
                $$                  ^""""""`       ^"*$$$& 9$$$$N            
                k  u$                                  "$$. "$$P r           
                4$$$$L                                   "$. eeeR            
                 $$$$$k                                   '$e. .@            
                 3$$$$$b                                   '$$$$             
                  $$$$$$                                    3$$"             
                   $$$$$  dc                                4$F              
                    RF** <$$                                J"               
                     #bue$$$LJ$$$Nc.                        "                
                $. .$ $~$ $~$ ~$~  $  $    $ $ $~$ $. .$ $~$  $  ~$~         
                $$ $$ $ $ $ $  $  $.$ $    $$  $ $ $$ $$ $.$ $.$  $          
                $`$'$ $ $ $~k  $  $~$ $    $$  $ $ $`$'$ $ $ $~$  $          
                $ $ $ $o$ $ $  $  $ $ $oo  $ $ $o$ $ $ $ $o$ $ $  $          


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What in the fark? Leavin' Azian Pride already? Well goodbye then, and come back soon, because if you don't, you'll have a shark around your neck next time you go to the beach...